About Us

Toronto, Canada based acronym Records is an independent Label imprint, run by Canadian music industry veteran Tony Tarleton (He/Him).

After many years of working at both Major Labels (Universal and EMI) and major Independent Labels in Canada, in 2017 Tony made the leap to becoming an entrepreneur in the Canadian Label space by taking over an imprint called acronym which had essentially become dormant after being started a few years earlier by Tony’s close friend and ally, Mike Denney, the founder of MDM Recordings Inc.

With a goal of putting artists on a new musical map who were wanting to do creative things that were just “that little left of centre” from their previous works, acronym was re-launched with the release of Megan Nash’s first Label released single “Bad Poetry” on May 23, 2017.<

Since then, acronym artists have been nominated for (or received) Juno Awards, multiple Western Canadian Music Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards, Saskatchewan Music Awards, Capital Music Awards, Canadian Screen Awards and have been included on the Long List for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize.

acronym and all who work with us continue to maintain a strong commitment to inclusion of all kinds and of trying to maintain as gender balanced a roster as possible.

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