Singer-songwriter Megan Nash has released their sophomore album, Soft Focus Futures, via Acronym Records. The Saskatchewan-based artist celebrates the record’s release with a hazy video for the lead track, “Table for One.”

At its core, Soft Focus Futures is an investigation of self and the death of Nash’s marriage. Acting like a detective, Nash uses the record as a tool to unearth clues and understand the demise of their relationship. The album is cyclical in nature — Nash seeks closure and rebirth by finding her footing as an individual amongst the ashes.

Bluesy and emotionally evocative, Nash drives through the 10 tracks with rich, powerhouse vocals that wrap their arms around listeners. Lyrically masterful, Soft Focus Futures harkens back to Elizabeth Smart’s classic novel, By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept. But, while Smart’s affair inspired the novel, it is preoccupied with love and grief, just as Nash is.

The aptly-named “Table for One” video finds Nash seated alone at a tea party in a sun-drenched park. Bikers pass by serenely in the background in perfect ignorance to the artist’s mourning of lost love. Nash slips in and out of focus as summer heat seems to obscure them — a potential gesture towards the grand question of what went wrong.

Check out “Table for One,” see Nash’s upcoming shows in her home province this November, and hear her new album in full below.

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